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slike/paintings radovi u prostoru/installations FIFA trofej/FIFA trophy
given at the BEST AWARDS on 9th January 2017. in Zurich, Swiss

This trophy cup is the outcome of an exciting and pleasurable collaboration between Mr Zvonimir Boban and I.
Mr Boban initially reached out to me with his idea of designing a new iconic trophy
cup and it was with his help and input that I eventually designed it.
In the course of designing, it was our shared belief was that it should not deviate from
the classic conventions. Hence the shape and the spirit of this design follows
the familiar and well-known visual identity of the FIFA.
It respects and honours those same values that were the cornerstone of this sport, its
greatest athletes and their accomplishments, since the earliest days of FIFA in an attempt
to celebrate and rejoice in these values in today's world.
The guiding idea was to combine the tradition and history of football, and the great players
who have received it in the past, by the shape of the ball (since year 1930 from the first
World Cup in Uruguay) with our new aesthetic approach and possibilities brought about by
latest technological developments.
It also strives to embody the spirit of our times by placing its visual and symbolic core
within the post modern framework by invoking diverse references and historic layers from
the history of both art and football.
By sharing these values we opted for platinum colour, simplicity and minimalism in shape
and details as the most articulate and powerful expression of FIFA's core mission.